Elevating Bottom-Lines!

StandingTall Revolutions (STR) is  an award winning movement and success coaching platform offering marketing coaching and personal finance management for unique blend of performance. What started as a boutique professional communications firm specializing in public relations (PR), marketing and personal development for elite leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs has blossomed into helping entrepreneurs and small business owners master online marketing, digital efforts, communication and meeting money goals. Indeed, through the awards, StandingTall Revolution has grown and found its sweet spot to better serve you, help you live on purpose and uncover any blocks to doing so. We are indeed REVOLUTIONIZING the way life is lived with more passion, intention, authority and boldness.  Its Creator and Curator, Antoinette Sykes, an award winning Marketing Expert, Personal Finance Coach, Speaker and author, fully understands the way to transform and redesign lives for bouncing back and overall soaring success in today’s world. As a twice laid off Corporate Professional, and via experiencing a deeply personal tragedy, she has emerged on the other side, brighter, better, bolder and brazenly committed to showing professionals, leaders and organizations how to define and unlock their personal passion, standout in their own life,  maximize faith-driven principles, and apply tactical marketing and money tips to elevate their next level. It’s time to StandTall in the midst of transition and ever changing environments, to fully triumph and ROCK your life. Let’s create a revolution! Better yet, join the revolution.

It is NOW time to cultivate your money, marketing and life.  Is this you:

  • Have you been laid off from a job or fired?
  • Are you afraid of marketing or don’t know where to start?
  • Is your content lack luster?
  • Does your business finances and personal finances intermingle?
  • Do you simply need a fresh start in this new business in this online world we live in?
  • Ready to establish your brand and bottom-line?

If you can answer a resounding YES to any of the above, you’re in the right place. I’ve been there and can help you navigate your next. Let’s REVOLUTIONIZE your bottom-line, business and marketing.

Right Thinking + Right Action = Right Desired Results

It is my passion and purpose to show you the very steps, tools, strategies and practices I used to catapult my CHANGE in areas of my life and business and money.  Welcome to StandingTall Revolution, with your committed Marketing & Money Coach, Antoinette. Let’s REVOLUTIONIZE your business, brand and bottom-line!  | Official Hashtags: #StandingTallRevolution #Revolutionize