WELCOME TO StandingTall Revolution

Revolutionizing the way Business is Done & Life is Lived – let’s start a revolution!

StandingTall Revolutions (STR) is  an award winning event marketing platform offering coaching and consulting in the areas for PR+ Marketing and Life & Business Coaching. What started as a boutique professional communications firm specializing in public relations (PR), event PR + marketing, integrated and digital marketing for entrepreneurs and small business owners; has transformed to REVOLUTIONIZE the way business and life is done!  Its Creator and Curator, Antoinette Sykes, an award winning coach and author and brand builder, fully understands the way to do business (and life) in today’s world. As a twice laid off Corporate Professional, and via experiencing deeply personal tragedy, she has emerged on the other side, brighter, better, bolder and brazenly committed to showing entrepreneurs, authors, professionals, and others how to StandTall in the midst of transition to fully triumph and transform the way Business is Done & Life is Lived.   STR focuses on heart-centered client solutions that motivate and enhance services, products and name recognition, all on purpose. It is through deep strengths and experience that the utmost value is given to create a targeted marketing strategy that all actions stem from core values, whether in business or life. StandingTall is about making decisions from the core and taking purpose-driven steps to achieve success in business and life. After the “Great Recession of 2008 “, there is a new business model.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we are tactical and address the traditional, marketing, messaging, target audience, positioning, PR, branding, events and making money. But, without a clearly defined and articulated core value assessment and mission-focused foundation, the other practical pieces are sub-par and stunt growth and results.  Let’s (re)Align and StandTall.

Business Transformation | Life Transformation | Mindset Transformation

STR is the answer to transformative business building and living. We are leveraging the core and essence of you, with the business side of things, which make for a profound shift for success, like never before. Companies and individuals  are faced with daily challenges to get their message to the masses for impact, influence and an increased bottom line.

Whether you’re asking the question “Who am I?” or “What are the core values of my company?” or “How can I profit from my passion?” or “Can I really do this ____ (fill in the blank)”?, We can help you StandTall and bring your vision to pass with more purpose and profit.  Let us help you expand your awareness today.

We get it…living on purpose, building a business and living happily. We LOVE putting the Good back into how life and business are done; and how they can cohabitate for ultimate success.

 Revolutionizing the way Business is Done & Life is Lived – let’s start a revolution!

Authors and Entrepreneurs, it’s time to expand your message for more growth, income and purposeful-living!